Alexander Poltorak, Ph.D. is the Chairman and interim Executive Director of Graduate Chabad℠. Dr. Poltorak is Chairman & CEO of General Patent Corporation and an Adjunct Professor of Physics at the City College of New York. He shluchos experience includes founding and running Russian Jewish Renaissance and other non-profit mosdos. Dr. Poltorak acts as the Interim Executive Director until this vacant position is filled.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist Chabad on Campus shluchim in their work with graduate students by providing live lectures and events as well as online resources focused on engaging graduate students on intellectual level.

News Release

After a series of popular pilot events, a new organization launched this week to serve Jewish graduate students and faculty. Based in New York, Graduate Chabad℠ will bring intellectually engaging encounters – lectures, seminars, shabbatons – to graduate schools in collaboration with local Chabad on Campus Shluchim. Read More

Media Coverage

“Graduate Chabad℠” Opens Its Doors – A new program founded by Dr. Alexander Poltorak will provide intellectually engaging events for Graduate Students in schools across the US. Read More

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Employment Opportunities

Executive Director

Graduate Chabad℠ is seeking Executive Director to spearhead activities of the organization. A qualified candidate is expected to have smicha and an advanced secular education and to feel equally comfortable in the worlds of Torah and academia. This is a unique shlichus opportunity for an academically-inclined individual.

Program Coordinator/Office Manager

Graduate Chabad℠ is seeking Program Coordinator/ Office Manager. This position involves coordination and logistic support for various programs of the organization as well as daily office management, online marketing, maintenance of the website and bookkeeping. A qualified candidate is expected to have a college degree, perfect command of the English language, strong writing and communications skills and practical experience in event organizing, online and social media marketing, bookkeeping and office management.