By invitation of local Chabad on Campus representatives, we offer customized multifaceted and multi-day seminars through which students experience a thrilling new approach to faith and science.


The Weekend of Torah and Science

A Shabbos experience infused with fascinating personal journeys, eye-opening lectures and impassioned one-to-one conversation.

Friday Night Dinner

“Atom and Eve” – How two scientists found G-d—and each other—in science

Shabbos Lunch

“Hands Down” – The Principle of Least Action, Alexander Poltorak

Sunday 9:00am–1:00pm:

  • Session 1: Age of the Universe, Alexander Poltorak

  • Session 2: Talmudic Embryology, Leah Poltorak

  • Session 3: Quantum Torah, Alexander Poltorak

  • Session 4: Open-floor Q & A with Alex and Leah Poltorak

To book a weekend or discuss customizing a seminar to local interests, please email: [email protected] or call 987-654-3210.