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Graduate Chabad℠ Opens Its Doors Program Launches for Jewish Grad Students

Suffern, N.Y. – November 30, 2016 — After a series of popular pilot events, a new organization launched this week to serve Jewish graduate students and faculty. Based in New York, Graduate Chabad℠ will bring intellectually engaging encounters – lectures, seminars, shabbatons – to graduate schools in collaboration with local Chabad on Campus Shluchim.

“Graduate students pursue intellectually rigorous studies and research,” said Dr. Alexander Poltorak, the founder of Graduate Chabad℠. “Our aim is to help shluchim intellectually engage graduate students and faculty at the place of their interest.”
From preschool through college, Jewish students in the US enjoy a rich range of Chabad programs. Graduate Chabad℠ is the first organization geared exclusively toward graduate students and faculty, the most underserved segments of the Jewish population.

Drawing on the prolific worlds of Torah and science, Graduate Chabad℠’s flagship program is its multifaceted “Traveling Academy,” custom-designed for each campus. The organization also offers a speakers’ bureau featuring some of the most dynamic and intellectually engaging speakers.

“Graduate Chabad℠ will bring to Chabad on Campus a renewed focus on graduate students and faculty,” said Rabbi Yossy Gordon, Executive Vice President of Chabad on Campus International (CoCI). “We are grateful to Graduate Chabad℠ for sponsoring the Grad Track at the recent annual student shabbaton. Dr. Poltorak’s lecture at the GradTrack on Quantum Torah was very well attended and received.”

Dr. Alexander Poltorak, a theoretical physicist, author and entrepreneur, sees a world of possibilities ahead. “There is a new level of appreciation to be gained in both Torah and science by exploring them side-by-side. We are very excited to share Torah learning in a way that is relatable to modern graduate students and relevant to their studies and research.”

At launch, Graduate Chabad℠ offers:

  • The Speakers’ Bureau, featuring exceptional lectures by experts on Torah, science and the humanities.

  • The Traveling Academy, producing local, multi-day events on campus by invitation of the local campus shluchim;

  • Online resources on the interplay of Torah and science.

About Graduate Chabad℠

Graduate Chabad℠ is a division of Maon Noam, Inc., a non-for-profit 503(c) organization headquartered in Suffern, NY. For more information visit